Cement Renders / Plasters


Cement Renders / Plasters

Dry mix plaster/render consisting of OPC, hydrated lime, quality enhancing additives and processed mineral aggregates. Applied with machine on concrete/AAC blocks and concrete background on interiors and exterior walls.

Products Benefits Packing Approx. Coveroge [Per Ton]
Cement Render / plaster DP 200 Plaster / render for normal concrete blocks and concrete background. Applied by machine as well as by hand Excellent workability Thickness 10-20 mm 42m2 @ 15mm thickness
Plaster / Render for AAC / Concrete Blocks DP 210 Plaster / render for AAC / concrete blocks Suitable for all types of masonry backgrounds Strength compatible with AAC blocks Thickness 15-20 mm 42m2 @ 15mm thickness
Thermal Insulation Render DP 222 Thermal insulation Render for walls. Thermal conductivity = 0.1 w/m. K Lesser load on the building. 40 - 60 mm thickness 48m2 @ 40mm thickness
Cement Plaster DP 230 High strength render for plinth High strength - 10N / mm2 Thickness 10-20 mm Hand / Machine applied 40m2 @ 15mm thickness
High strength plaster DP 240 High strenght > 15N / mm2 15-20 mm thickness Suitable for high strength requirements 38m2 @ 15mm thickness
Finishing Plaster DP 250 4-6 mm thickness Suitable for concrete ceiling Suitable for finishing coat on rough plaster 162m2 @ 4mm thickness
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