Masonry Mortar


Masonry Mortar

Premixed masonry mortar consisting of OPC, hydrated lime, quality enhancing additives and processed mineral aggregates. Applied with trowel to fix normal concrete blocks.

Products Benefits Packing Approx. Coveroge [Per Ton]
Masonry mortar for concrete blocks DP 500 Masonry mortar for laying / fixing concrete blocks Excellent workability Optimum strengh grade 37m2 @10mm thickness (40x20x20 cm block)
Adhesive mortar for AAC Blocks DP 510 Thin bed adhesive mortar for fixing AAC light weight blocks Thickness 5mm Excellent adhesion on smooth and porous AAC blocks 108m2 @ 5mm thickness (60x25x20 cm block)
Bedding Mortar DP 540 Bedding Mortar for rough and irregular concrete base Suitable for 20 - 100 mm thickness Easy compacting mortar Strength 10 N/mm2 Yield 540 litre/tonne
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